Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Indian Coast Guard Gets First 3-Star officer

Indian Coast Guard has got its first-ever three-star officer from within its own cadre since it was raised in 1977.

The Indian government approved the elevation of the present second-in-command of the Indian Coast Guard, Inspector General Rajendra Singh, as Additional Director General, according to officers from the youngest of the four Indian armed forces.

"Indian Coast Guard got its first own three-star officer as the Defence Ministry approved the elevation of its Second-in-Command IG Rajendra Singh as Additional Director General," they said.

Additional Director General Rajendra Singh, a winner of two key Coast Guard medals for meritorious service, had joined the Indian Coast Guard on December 29, 1980.

"The Flag Officer has had a very illustrious career in the Indian Coast Guard.  Having joined a newly formed service, he was amongst the pioneers of this eventful and evolving maritime service," the officers said.

Rajendra Singh has commanded all class of Coast Guard ships. During the peak of smuggling in the Indian waters, he was instrumental in apprehending numerous economic and prohibitive contraband items to which he was recognized with Tatrakshak Medal (TM) by the President of India.

In the last 31 years, the Flag Officer has had a key role in the growth of the Coast Guard as a multi-mission service.  He has commanded both Eastern as well as Western regions, which in itself imply having commanded more than 2/3rd of the operational sea front of the service. He was awarded President’s Tatrakshak Medal (PTM) for his distinguished service on Indian Independence Day in 2007.

The Flag Officer is married to Urmila Singh and has two daughters.

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