Saturday, 2 February 2013

Anti-Maoist ops: IAF copters to get four commandos each Stock

NEW DELHI: IAF to deploy HAS Decided now Garud commandos on each Stock oven icts of helicopters Logistical Undertaking duties in The ongoing anti-Naxalite operations, even as the faces flak for strength leaving behind a Chhattisgarh policeman grievously injured, as well as Mi-damaged icts 17 Maoist stronghold unguarded in a last month.

IAF aussi schedule to complain to the home ministry about the "failure" of the Police Forces to "sanitize" the required 1.5-km area around the helipad since helicopters are vulnerable The most while taking off and landing.

The Mi-17 medium-lift helicopter was forced to make emergency landing Effective year coming under fire from Maoists while descending for a casualty evacuation in the Mission district of Chhattisgarh Sukma on January 18. While the pilots did a good job of landing the helicopter safely, Which was hit by 19 bullets as Many as, what Followed thereafter has come under criticism.

The IAF pilots crew of two, a flight engineer, a gunner and two Garud commandos left behind Police wireless operator Yamlal Sahu, who was hit by bullets perforated his intestines Which, to make Their Way to the Police camp Timilwada two km away. It Took several hours before CRPF Cobra commandos Could reach the spot to rescue the profusely bleeding Sahu and secure the helicopter.

Refuting que le IAF staff had "abandoned" Sahu and the unguarded That was armed helicopter with two light machine guns, a senior officer on Friday Said the injured policeman Could not Have Been Moved On foot since it Would have Proved fatal for him.

Moreover, the two Garud commandos HAD Themselves sustained "chemical burn injuries" On Being sprayed with hydraulic oil and aviation turbine fuel the helicopter's Effective "hydraulic accumulator and high-pressure oil pipelines" Were hit by bullets.

"The crew then Took the decision to get help for Sahu as well as security for the helicopter. Whether I am not saying the decision was right or wrong purpose it was taken by the men on the spot, who did not want to aussi be taken hostage. The ongoing court of inquiry is looking into all things thesis, "the IAF officer said.

As share of the overall review of standard operating procedures and flying tactics, Which includes Deploying Garud commandos on each Stock oven helicopter, IAF is looking at aussi "technological solutions" in the form of long-range radars to detect unusual activity on the ground.

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